In this service Frontier Soft will call you through telephone when a job opportunity is available for you.

          After all the hard work you have done in your studies and developing your professional skills, and investing into your skill development you might loose your life time career opportunity only because you were not aware of the opportunity.

          But not every one can read all the news papers; search the internet on the daily bases to seek that life time opportunity. Let Frontier Soft (Creators of the ) help you to find that life time opportunity for you.

          Frontier Soft "Job Calls" Program is all about making sure that you avail all the career opportunities related to your skills. Frontier Soft has the infrastructure of collecting job opportunities, which is not limited to only job information from newspaper but has wealth of other job information sources including Direct job advertisement which are available only to Frontier Soft

          To avail all these opportunities register with Frontier Soft's "Better Employment" Program and subscribe to "Job Calls".

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